Review of the People Analytics Course by The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania (via Coursera)

This course is a good beginner’s level course for someone who wants to learn more about what People Analytics is and some of the ways it can be used in the workplace. Participants finish with an understanding of some of the benefits of people analytics as well as some things they should be cautious about.

This course provides a thorough overview of how to use analytics in performance evaluations, staffing, collaboration (ONA) and talent management. This is part of the Business Analytics Specialization program, which is made up of 5 courses and a capstone –  you can take this individual course and get certified on just the People Analytics portion if that is your interest.

Instructors and Videos
The instructors were clear in their explanations and easy to follow. All of the content is available to follow along, highlight or download. Content is available after the completion of the course.

The examples made the concepts very easy to understand. As a personal preference, I would have preferred fewer sports examples and more examples applicable to the workforce.

The quizzes tested both your understanding of the information and your ability to apply it to different scenarios. The quizzes are only available for paying participants.

Free and Paid Options

You can audit the course for free or pay for the course. The paid option includes the quizzes and the certificate. It is reasonably priced – at the time I took the course it cost $79/month.


100% online

Hours to Complete

Approximately 11 hours. Suggested: 1-2 hours per week over 4 weeks.

Recommendation – Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in a better understanding of what people analytics is, how it can be used and potential pitfalls.

Link to course on Coursera

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