“I think we need to start teaching people how to use this internet thing.”

That’s what I said to my senior manager when I was in charge of technology training many years ago.

There was lots of both excitement and fear about this new “Information Super-highway” we kept hearing about.

“No need Ann, it’s a flash in the pan. Don’t listen to the hype.”

That was his response.

The excitement, anticipation and fear that I was hearing then is the same excitement, anticipation and fear that I hear today when people talk about artificial intelligence.

What would have happened if you never looked into using the internet? Or if you started years after your competition??

That’s what will happen if you don’t start learning about how advanced technology and artificial intelligence will impact HR.

Right now, artificial intelligence is like a slow moving train. Now is the time to jump on the train, because soon it will pick up speed and if you aren’t on it, you will be left behind.

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Photo Credits: Pixabay

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