This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ann-talk.jpgToo many times HR is looked at as order takers with no real impact on the business. It is time for HR to step up to the plate and become a strategic business partner.

By being a strategic business partner, HR can effectively impact business objectives.

We all know that people are an essential part of running any organization. Gone are the days when people stay at companies for 30 years. It’s important that you hire the right people and give them a reason to stay.

In today’s climate, filling jobs is very competitive, very costly, very labor intensive, very time consuming. There are ample opportunities for fix the way HR recruits. And once we are successful at bringing people in, we need to keep them because empty positions are not only costly, but impacts the rest of the team.

Done well, you can reduce the cost of recruiting, reduce the time to hire, increase retention, reduce turnover, increase compliance, reduce risk.

By knowing and understanding the impact of certain criteria in the organization, you can strategically help managers determine their staffing requirements, fix their retention issues, uncover opportunities for growth, etc.

Course Objectives
Share a methodology to effectively review different aspects of HR processes and programs, design a future state of HR and create a roadmap for moving from the current state to the future state. Define people analytics and share how its use in conjunction with the HR Transformation process can make HR a strategic partner in working toward the success of the organization.

What You Will Learn
Why HR Needs to Become a Strategic Business Partnership
How HR Can Help Achieve Business Goals
HR Challenges in Meeting Business Needs
How People Analytics Integrates with HR Transformation
How to Start Using People Analytics
Best Practices in People Analytics

Length: 2 hours
Format: Lecture and Interactive Workshop
Venue: HR Dept, College / University, Seminar, Conference, Meeting
SHRM Credits: 2
Audience: HR Professionals (all levels), HR Vendors, anyone interested in learning more about HR Transformation