I heard it a couple of times recently… some have predicted that the first person to live to 150 has already been born.

Think of the implications about work… What will happen with ageism? Will it finally end or get worse?

When will retirement happen? If the retirement age doesn’t change, people will be retired for up to 80 (or more) years? But what if they continue to work?

We already have issues trying to navigate the multiple generations currently in the workforce. This will surely add many more generations (and more complications). Skills today need to be updated regularly to stay current – some say every 2.5 years! Imagine the amount of training needs!

But there are other implications as well…

Will overcrowding be an issue? Or as the rate of population growth slowed to the point where this won’t be an impact.

Will people continue to drive into their 100s?

What about food?

Will there be more people on fixed income?

Social programs are barely sustainable now, how will they be impacted?

It makes me wonder, is living until 150 a good thing?

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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