How HR Professionals Can Stay Relevant in a Time of Change

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ann-talk.jpgHR is currently going through a time of great transformation. New technologies are being introduced at a rapid pace which impact the entire employee life-cycle. The multi-generational workforce is more challenging than ever before. Disruptive technologies in the business are impacting all employees causing new employee issues to arise.

There is an increase in competition for talent and the recruiting process is often not quick enough or effective enough to compete. This has led to employee retention be a bigger focus than ever before.

…and these are only some of the issues HR professionals now need to deal with.

This course focuses on the issues HR is facing today and how the ever evolving workforce and processes change the services HR provides as well as how HR professionals need to evolve to stay relevant.

Course Objectives Discuss workforce trends happening to day and how it will impact HR going forward.

What You Will Learn
The latest trends in the workforce
Advanced technologies and artificial intelligence impacting the employee lifecycle
The impact of the generational shift and new services HR will provide in the future
Business benefits of HR Transformation
New HR roles and opportunities
How to Stay Current during this time of turmoil

Length: 2 hours
Format:  Lecture and interactive Workshop
Venue: HR Department, College / University, Seminar, Conference, Meeting
SHRM Credits: 2
Audience: HR Professionals (all levels), HR Vendors, anyone interested in learning more about HR Transformation



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