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10 Ways to Stay Happy When Times Get Tough

Everyone goes through tough times but not everyone handles things the same way. When times are tough, you have choices. You can choose to let it get to you or you can choose to be happy in spite of it. How you chose to respond to tough situations impacts both you and those around you, so choose wisely. Being Intentionally Happy Keep…
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Get Out of Debt and Enjoy Financial Freedom

The first part of getting out of debt and enjoying financial freedom is knowing how much money you have to spend. You may think you know, but if you are like most people, you only have an idea and may think you are earning more or spending less than you actually are. The best way to really know is to keep a…
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How Will You Be Remembered?

Every once in a while, something happens that puts it all in perspective and really makes you think. Do you every wonder what people would say about you if they knew they wouldn’t see you again for a long time or forever? Recently, I lost one of favorite my aunts. At the funeral, both of my cousins got up to speak about…
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8 Ways to Recognize a Toxic Relationship

As I get older I find my tolerance for negativity grows less and less. It has taken some time, but now my skills for identifying and weeding out toxic relationships are better than ever. Life goes by very quickly and my thought is why should I waste it on people who make me miserable? If I can’t cut them out completely, I…
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Being Busy and Accomplishing Something Makes Us Happier

Recently, I noticed that very busy people have one thing in common – most are generally happy people. I was thinking about this the other day. I know people who just can’t sit still. Some have to be out every single night. Others, need to always multitask. I even know people who refuse to take a beach vacation because sitting still makes…
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Accomplishing Personal Goals and Dreams Quicker

One of the things many of us are good at is accomplishing those daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. But how many of those tasks align with your goals? Have you even thought about what those goals may be? Sometimes, days, weeks, months seem to fly by and we wonder where the time went. No one likes to look back and see missed…
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Happiness is Contagious (and so is complaining)

My husband is very funny. He is always telling stories and making me laugh. The thing is, I start laughing before he even gets to the funny part. Why? Because he usually starts laughing half way through the story and I can’t help but to start laughing with him. Has this ever happened to you? This made me realize that laughing (and…
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