I’m done with email. To me, email is old and antiquated. It reminds me of a house phone. People will continue to use the house phone less and less and eventually, it will probably go away. And just like my house phone messages, my email these days is mostly spam. I keep it email because I haven’t found a viable replacement but once I do, it’s gone.

For business, email is still worthwhile because it is has some worthwhile features, like attachments and searching, and it’s always good (especially for business) to have a paper trail. It’s also good in that you don’t need to be on the same app to communicate. Outlook can communicate with Gmail and there is no issue. So it may have some staying power for business, but for personal use, no thanks.

For business, there are also many other options available for (non-video) chatting and collaborating online. Depending on who I am working with, I typically end up using 1 of 3 applications.

Google chat. This is good if you are participating in the chat in real time. I work with people in different time zones and there are often multiple threads. Sometimes it is a challenge to keep up or catch up with the chats. Sometimes, it’s easy to miss some things.

Slack. This has potential and it is good for smaller groups. One Slack Workspace I’m in has quite a large membership and it has become a free for all. Channels have been created to add some structure but sometimes there are too many channels, people post the same things in multiple channels, or there are similar conversations going on in more than one channel. It has great potential, but needs a little management to keep it under control.

Whatsapp. I like this one for one on one chats and small group collaboration. Searching is very easy. and I also like how I can switch from text to call without leaving the app. I tend to use this more for personal use than for business, but I can see it being used for business in the near future.

I’m hoping the next generation of these apps can all talk to each other (and what’s left of email). That way, everyone can use their app of choice and the communication would be seamless.

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