“Staying relevant is a priority for all HR professionals as HR technology changes the world of work.”


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How to Stay Relevant as AI Becomes a Significant Part of the HR World


There are parallels between the excitement and fear we saw when we first starting using the internet and when we speak about artificial intelligence today. It’s no surprise as AI will have a large impact on our lives, just as the internet has. Now, everyone needs to know more about its impact and how to stay relevant as it takes a more prominent seat in HR. Since AI is still in its infancy, now is the best time to start learning more about it.

HR has many challenges: creating accurate job descriptions, taking bias out of the applicant workflow, scheduling nightmares, constant questions, interviewing like candidates, competition with other companies, testing, on-boarding, feedback, exit interviews, etc. The good news is there are now technologies which help with all of these challenges. These are not designed to replace HR professionals, they are designed to remove the tedious tasks so HR can put Human back into Human Resources.

Keeping the Human in Human Resources as HR Technology Advances

As much as some would like to believe robots can do anything if properly programmed, one thing which seems out of reach is genuine warmth. They will be able to mimic the words and actions which are used to express warmth, but could they actually authentically express it to the point where we can feel their compassion?No matter how far technology advances, people will retain some basic natural instincts and one of those is the need to connect on an emotional level with other people. Without it, people feel lonely, isolated and often depressed.Several human focused programs will be reviewed. 

Women don’t Need To Be Empowered, They Need to Use the Power They Have

Women don’t need to be empowered, they need to use the power they have! This is a very important topic that applies to all women in the workforce at all levels – but especially those who have experienced doubts about their own strength because of actions and comments of some of their co-workers.*Available to speak at many different venues, including: conferences; professional meetings; user groups; internal planning sessions and vendor organized events.*

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