It’s time for HR to step up their game with engagement and retention analysis. It’s true, Employee Satisfaction Surveys are often used to help with engagement and retention but it’s not enough.

The issue? This type of data is just a glimpse in time. Capturing data is like taking a photo. You see how things look at that precise moment. Ask an employee if they are happy with their work and then ask the same employee the exact question 2 weeks later – the answer can be quite different.

The solution? Capture data over a period of time and look for trends. Understand events that have influenced changes in the results and test those hypotheses. Use technology that captures feedback FROM employees in real-time.

Surprisingly, the percentage of HR groups that use data trend tools to measure employee satisfaction is low (although rising). Instead of guessing or reading other people’s studies, it is time for HR to use these tools to look at their own data – because data can vary from company to company and department to department within a company.

(Photo Credits: Pixabay )

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