Employee Inclusion, Feeling Exclusion or Just an Illusion?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ann-talk-1.jpgOver the last few years we have seen a notable increase in the focus on diversity in hiring. As these efforts continue to grow, companies now realize that hiring an employee and hoping they thrive in the company environment is no longer enough. It is important to ensure each employee is fully accepted into all aspects of company life.

More attention is now given to inclusion and although these efforts are a step in the right direction, they often only focus on the surface, the obvious. When this happens efforts to uncover issues of exclusion that exist throughout the organization fail as many employees who appear to be included in the various aspects of organizational life actually feel excluded.

As every single person’s perception of reality is their own, what may on the surface seem like inclusion, may just be an illusion as no one can ever really know how someone is feeling by observation alone.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will have: a strong understanding of the need for and benefits of a culture of inclusion; the ability to understand what drives employees to feel excluded; apply contextual situations to understanding when employees feel excluded; understanding of the training and technology tools to use in analyze employee inclusiveness; begin to plan your HR’s next step in creating a culture of inclusion.

What You Will Learn
Why is Inclusion Important? What is Inclusion, What isn’t inclusion
Inclusion vs Illusion
Focusing on Inclusion from the Employee Perspective
Looking at Inclusion within Context
How to Increase Awareness of Exclusion
Tech Tools to Increase Awareness of Exclusion
HR’s Role in Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Length: 1 hour
Format: Lecture
Venue: HR Dept, College / University, Seminar, Conference, Meeting
SHRM Credits: 1
Audience: HR Professionals (all levels), HR Vendors, Managers

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