Don’t look to ONLY hire people who fit in culturally, unless you want things to either remain the same or change very slowly.

Companies that don’t want anyone to rock the boat, want everyone to comply, and/or don’t want to make any changes have a difficult time in keeping employees who are innovative or creative. These companies often struggle to survive.

To stay competitive, don’t ONLY hire people who fit in culturally. Cultural fit is important, yet people who are most creative and innovative do not always fit in.

With the exception of company cultures that foster and hire for creativity, having everyone fit in and never rock the boat does little to keep the company current on new trends and ideas. And without people who question the status quo, processes and products can quickly become stale.

What’s the solution?

Stop looking at people who don’t fit as a problem. People who are innovators are often perceived as causing conflict because for many people, change is scary and these employees that don’t fit are often suggesting change.

Embrace employee’s creativity instead of rejecting it. Manage without discouraging new ideas. When managers listen with an open mind and ask questions they often find great benefit in some of the suggested changes.

(Photo Credits: Pixabay )

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