Working Now and In the Future

Role Models are Everywhere

Role models are everywhere and for everyone. The best lessons I have learned are not from books and not in school. The most valuable lessons are from people I know (some only virtually). You are never too old to have a role model. Almost every person in your life can teach you something worthwhile. You can learn from people’s success and from…
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Optimizing Recruiting by Sourcing Passive Candidates

Many people who are not actively looking for a new job are willing to change jobs for the right offer and opportunity. Yet, many companies are still only recruiting actively looking candidates while passive candidates represent a large and relatively untapped pool of potential employees.  In today’s competitive market it is important to find the right candidate quickly and sourcing passive candidates…
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Storytelling as an Alternative or Addition to PowerPoint

What time is it? How much longer? That’s what I used to think when I would have to go to those 3-day planning meetings at a former company. Sitting there, watching one PowerPoint presentation after another I would struggle to stay awake. The worst were the ones with terrible presenters who used slides with the teeny tiny bullet points, loaded with facts…
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Just Because We Can Doesn’t Mean We Always Will

Just because we can doesn’t mean we always will… We can often drive or get a ride, yet sometimes we choose to walk. We can often buy pre-made food, yet sometimes we choose to cook. We can converse by email and text, yet sometimes we choose to meet. In the future…. Technology is evolving every day and every day we see many…
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I’m Done With eMail!

I’m done with email. To me, email is old and antiquated. It reminds me of a house phone. People will continue to use the house phone less and less and eventually, it will probably go away. And just like my house phone messages, my email these days is mostly spam. I keep it email because I haven’t found a viable replacement but…
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Women Don’t Need to Be Empowered, They Need to Use The Power They Have

It’s true. Women don’t need to be empowered, women need to USE THE POWER they have. The difference? Empowerment means being given power or authority. Women already have power, they need to use it and use it well. Empowerment implies being given permission to use their strength. Why do they need permission? Women have lots of strength. The problem is they don’t…
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