Women at Work

Women – Don’t Settle for Less Than You are Worth!

Ladies, there is no reason to settle for anything less than you are worth. If your company is not paying women fairly, move on to something or somewhere else. If the benefits for maternity/family leave are not enough, move on to something or somewhere else. If your company isn’t giving you the flexibility you need, move onto something or somewhere else. There…
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Women Don’t Need to Be Empowered, They Need to Use The Power They Have

It’s true. Women don’t need to be empowered, women need to USE THE POWER they have. The difference? Empowerment means being given power or authority. Women already have power, they need to use it and use it well. Empowerment implies being given permission to use their strength. Why do they need permission? Women have lots of strength. The problem is they don’t…
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Sexual Harassment, Bullying or Both?

“Where were you? Did you go to meet Sam?” Sharon’s boss Judy said accusingly, as she smirked. “No,” said Sharon. “I went downstairs to get lunch.” Judy looked at Sharon, crossed her arms, gave an angry look and then walked away. Sharon could hear Judy go into her co-worker Helen’s cubical and whisper. She couldn’t hear what was being said, but the…
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Know Your Job’s Market Value and Get Paid What You Are Worth

Are you being paid your worth? Years ago, I took a job as a technology trainer. Since it was for a higher salary than my previous, very low paying job, I thought they had made a good offer. Just by chance, a few months after I started this job, I learned a new trainer was hired at a salary that was several…
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