Successful People Know That Life Is All About Choices

All day you make choices. In fact, almost everything you do is a choice. Once you accept this, and realize how your life is in your control, you will start to make better choices. Look at how you begin your typical day. You chose what time to set your alarm. […]

Lessons Learned About Working From Home

I started working from home after my first daughter was born. I would work 3 days in the office and 2 days from home. To me, this was the best of all solutions. This was many years ago. At the time, telecommuting was in its infancy. Few companies had allowed […]

What Being Spontaneous Taught Me About Goals

After graduating college, a friend and I decided to backpack through Europe. We bought a Eurail pass and flew to London. We had very little money and no particular plan. The only thing we knew for sure was when we had to be at the airport in London to fly […]

What I Learned From My Worst Interviewing Experience

One of my worst interviewing experiences was early in my career. I was asked to come in for an interview and the hiring manager was an angry man who criticized me harshly (and loudly) for seeking an entry level position without having any experience. Maybe he was used to people […]

Are You Managing Your Career or Are You Just Letting it Happen?

Some people let life happen and some people make life happen. Working hard and doing a good job is important, but working hard isn’t the only ingredient to reaching your goals. It’s time for you to decide where your life will go and how you are going to get there. […]

Setting Goals for the New Year is NOT Cliché

Now that January is here, many people are starting to set their goals. You may be one of them. Setting goals at the beginning of a month or a year makes sense. It coincides with a start of something else. It makes you feel as though you are starting fresh, […]

Don’t Give Up on Your Goal(s)! Every day is a Chance to Start Again!

Everyone has their struggles and some goals are just much more difficult to stick to than others. Of course, when you first start working on your goal(s) you are very enthusiastic. You promise yourself that you are going to succeed. You start off with every intention of seeing it through… […]

Why and How to Review Your Goals

Anyone who knows me knows I am very focused on accomplishing goals. If I want to live the life I want, I have to take charge and make it happen. No one is going to do it for me. So I am always setting, working toward, accomplishing, and setting more […]

7 Ways to Recommit to Your Goals

You’ve started working on your goal, you are completely committed to it, you work on it every day and then all of a sudden….. you stop. Maybe you got bored. Maybe you got distracted. Maybe you have doubts of why you started in the first place. Whatever the reason, you […]

5 Ways Successful People Use Lists of Thoughts, Tasks, and Ideas

One thing that almost all successful people do is keep their thoughts, tasks, and ideas organized. This increases productivity, decreases distractions, and enables them to keep focused on both the present and the future. It’s really quite simple and with a little practice, it is a habit that will pay […]

How to Stop Procrastinating

We all do it. We procrastinate about doing something that needs to get done. You know how it is. You have something you need to do and you put it off. You dread it. You think about it every day, and then put it off again. Sometimes its just a […]

Why Taking Risks Leads to Success

Almost everyone I know has had second thoughts about an opportunity for a new job, project, role, assignment, etc. It is only natural to have second thoughts about taking a risk and trying something new. One of the differences between very successful people and less successful people is the amount […]

5 Things to Make Your Routine Very Productive

Whenever I used to think of a routine, I would think of how boring it is to do the same thing over and over every day, day in and day out. Now I know that routines not only make us more productive, they allow more time for creativity. One thing […]

Stop Using Excuses – They Don’t Work

One of my former colleagues was late to work every day. She would run in, all flustered, mumbling a short apology and blaming the subway, the bus, the rain, the elevator – whatever she could think of. One day, our boss said to her, “there is no such thing as […]

Success vs Failure – It’s a Choice Between Trying Again or Walking Away

There is something to be said for perseverance. Throughout history there have been many people who have become successful because of their drive, hard work, and an unwillingness to give up. These people can be seen in many different roles in history and reading about them can be very motivating. […]

You Are Never Too Old To Have A Role Model

It’s often said imitation is the highest form of flattery, and for good reason. Whether we do it intentionally or not, we all choose people that we admire, inspire us or want to emulate. For young people, role models are typically parents or teachers. Teens may also choose peers, musicians, or […]

Sometimes Good Enough IS Good Enough

I admit it. Sometimes I’m a perfectionist. I come from a long line of perfectionists. I used to have to do everything perfectly. I hated making mistakes and worse yet, I had little tolerance for other people making mistakes. Being a perfectionist adds unnecessary stress and sometimes good enough is […]

How Will You Be Remembered?

Every once in a while, something happens that puts it all in perspective and really makes you think. Do you every wonder what people would say about you if they knew they wouldn’t see you again for a long time or forever? Recently, I lost one of favorite my aunts. […]

Accomplishing Personal Goals and Dreams Quicker

One of the things many of us are good at is accomplishing those daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. But how many of those tasks align with your goals? Have you even thought about what those goals may be? Sometimes, days, weeks, months seem to fly by and we wonder where […]