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Employee Satisfaction Surveys are Only a Glimpse

It’s time for HR to step up their game with engagement and retention analysis. It’s true, Employee Satisfaction Surveys are often used to help with engagement and retention but it’s not enough. The issue? This type of data is just a glimpse in time. Capturing data is like taking a photo. You see how things look at that precise moment. Ask an employee…
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Why We Shouldn’t Only Hire People Who Will Fit into the Company Culture

Don’t look to ONLY hire people who fit in culturally, unless you want things to either remain the same or change very slowly. Companies that don’t want anyone to rock the boat, want everyone to comply, and/or don’t want to make any changes have a difficult time in keeping employees who are innovative or creative. These companies often struggle to survive. To…
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Restructuring Job Postings to Enable Better Resume Mapping

Instead of submitting a full resume, job postings should be structured so candidates can address each requirement line by line with their applicable skill, work experience, proficiency and/or education. This way, applicants can easily show how their experience and skills make them a worthwhile candidate. It’s foreseeable that in the future, companies will start to use recruitment apps which use natural language…
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Keeping the Human in Human Resources as HR Technology Advances

As everyone starts to realize the potential of new technologies and begins to use Artificial Intelligence products to augment different parts Human Resources, the question rises again and again. How do we keep the human in Human Resources? As much as some would like to believe robots can do anything if properly programmed, one thing which seems out of reach is genuine…
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How Artificial Intelligence Makes The Recruiting Process Less Expensive, Faster and More Successful

Over the last several years, recruiting for qualified and talented resources has become more of a challenge. From the recruiter’s perspective, there are more resumes to review, less time to review each resume, and some resumes are skipped altogether. At the same time, competition to attract talent has increased and the need to quickly bring in and hire qualified candidates is greater…
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Sheldon Cooper Teaches us about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Just by Being Himself

Sheldon Cooper, the popular character from CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, is like artificial intelligence and machine learning in human form. Putting aside his other personality traits and behaviors, his ritualistic behavior and locked down protocols may seem compulsive to some, but to others, it is something very different. “Would you like a hot beverage?” This is how Sheldon Cooper reacts when…
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