Today’s world of work is changing quickly. I help people understand the changes, the technology, how things will evolve and how to stay relevant. I focus on the Intersection of AI and HR and the Future of Work and I translating techno-Speak into everyday language. By explaining these things in simple applicable terms, I help everyone become more comfortable with technology and more willing to use it to optimize their processes.

With a focus on the intersection of Human Resources, Organizational Design, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, I share the value and impact of Artificial Intelligence and People Analytics on Human Resources and the future of work.

I also strongly believe that women don’t need to be empowered, they already have power. They need to use the power they have. I help women find and use their power.

I am also available to sit on advisory boards for HR Tech companies as an SME.

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As an SME specializing in the dynamics and process of group evolution as well as technology, I bring together data scientists and application developers with Human Resources and Organizational Design. In doing this, I help technologists understand the patterns of human behavior in team evolution so they can better support this through technology and help Human Resources understand how to use data and other technologies to make teams and organizations more effective. –

As a trusted advisor, I provide guidance to HR and others by translating techno-speak of artificial intelligence into everyday language and advising on its benefits in terms of a variety of topics, including: culture, performance management, leadership, employee development, organizational development, recruiting processes and much more.

As a proven leader in business management, organizational planning and design, project management, employee development and strategy – I have successfully executed large-scale transformations and solved complex organizational challenges by uniting technology and business initiatives.

My specialties include: Operational Process Analysis and Redesign; Strategic Planning and Leadership; Organizational Planning and Design; Productivity Improvement; Project Management; Customer Satisfaction; Change Management; Virtual Team Management; Strategic Communication; Training and Leadership Development; Career Planning; Performance Management; Problem Solving.

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