Texting is so easy. No necessary chit chat. You don’t have to worry about grammar or complete sentences and you can abbreviate any of the words. In a nutshell, texting is very convenient. Because of that convenience, many people have gotten very lazy when it comes to being polite and showing respect when texting. Here are some of the commonly held rules to follow to ensure you don’t insult/upset someone.


When someone reaches out to you in a text, they are waiting for you to respond. By not responding you are saying that the aren’t worth your time or you don’t think what they had to say was important. Always respond, even if the response is that you can’t text right now, respond.

Respond by Text

If someone is texting you it probably means that they don’t have time or desire to pick up the phone to talk. Respond by text. If the discussion gets heated or you feel as though you aren’t communicating well during the text, respond by saying you are going to call them to discuss.

Don’t Badmouth Other People Via Text

We’ve all heard that nothing is really private, and that is true. When you send a text it can easily be captured and/or forwarded to someone else. Even more embarrassing is when you think you are texting one person but you accidentally text someone else. This has happened to me a couple of times when I’m getting texts from more than one person. Imagine how embarrassing it is to send your negative text to the person you are discussing!

Respond Appropriately

If someone sends you a quick note, don’t respond with a novel. Alternatively, if someone takes the time to send you a larger text, don’t respond with a “K” or thumbs up emoticon. You don’t need to write as much as they did, but the very least, acknowledge what they wrote.

Back Off

If someone tells you it isn’t a good time to text, don’t keep texting them. Instead, tell them you will catch up with them later.

Don’t Text in Movies

Is it really that urgent? Then take it outside, the light disturbs everyone else.

Don’t Open a Group Chat with Several People Who Don’t Know Each Other

Chances are, unless you are the original sender, most people don’t recognize some of the phone numbers in the chat. No one likes to send a text when they don’t know who is reading it. Also, you will end up getting many texts that say “who’s this?”


Do you have more to add to this list? Please add them in the comments box below!


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