It is time to take HR to the next level.


Do you want to talk about what needs to be changed or do you want to actually make the changes? It is time to transform HR into a STRATEGIC BUSINESS PARTNER by focusing on the steps needed to move forward and start making improvements to your HR group TODAY.


Keynotes and Workshops

In-depth presentation and discussion of HR trends and issues and action items which can be implemented immediately. SHRM recertification available for many.

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Read about the latest thoughts and trends regarding working now and in the future and Human Resources.

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Do you want to fix employee retention issues in your company? This podcast is for you! The HR Fix podcast helps to uncover the many different reasons employees leave companies, ways HR (and managers) can increase employee retention and interviews with guests who share their good and bad work experiences or services/applications which can be used to make HR and companies the best places to work.

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